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True Thoughts

“Heh, yeah I guess I kinda figured that,” Pascal said hearing his confession that she knew was going to be coming.  She poked her fingers together her mind racing like always, sure she liked him but she knew this crush he had wouldn't do him good like marrying the president's daughter would.  She had heard Cheria talking about it before and seen the way he had been acting around her the past few days.  She had fallen for Hubert as well and the feelings had grown ever since he saved her at the Valkynes but she knew she was to wild to ever be a good match for him.

She was quick to fall back into her old mold running forward grabbing his hand looking up at him.  She prepared herself as she was about to crush his heart but it was for the best.

“Don't worry, Little bro,” she said softly and seriously looking into his eyes resisting the urge to blurt her true feelings out saying the first thing that came to mind, “I promise to take a bath before the ceremony!”

She pulled away turning from him placing her hands behind her head dancing a bit trying not to fall apart or let him see the truth in her eyes for now as she heard him ask, “What?”

“Hey, I totally understand!  You don't want some smelly friend stinkin' up your fancy wedding,” she said barely keeping up the charade going with the thought that came to her head, “So I'll take a bath and use soap and everything.”

She heard him getting frustrated behind her as she let him think what he really meant went straight over her head.  She couldn't bare to look at him as she let her mind go back to work even if part of it was screaming not to let him go as she pumped herself, “Okay!  Now let's see what you can do, Mecha-asbel.”

She grabbed her hammer starting to work but her wandering mind made her her hit it in the wrong spot as a casing blew up into her face.  She fell to her knees looking at it saying defeated, “Huh, It blew up!  And I'm usually so good at this kind of thing.”

She glanced to where Hubert walked off to before looking down with a sigh saying, “My mind just isn't concentrating much is it.  I'm sorry Hu...but I'm not the type of girl for you even if I wish I could be.”

She grabbed her wench going back to work trying not to let her mind wonder to the man all the while hoping she didn't crush his heart to much.
True Thoughts
This is what was going through Pascal's head right after Hubert confessed to her.  I figure a genius like her probably saw how he was acting well and figured it out long before he said anything.  I can also see her acting like she missed the point so not to hurt him and because she knew she wouldn't good for him as well.
Chapter 1: Wondering Where You Are

It had been months on this spirit forsaken planet, but as Garrus sat near the ship looking up at the star covered sky he knew somewhere out there his love, his best friend, his commander was waiting for their return.

If someone had told him 3 years ago that he would fall in love with a human alliance commander, he probably would have laughed.  Now though every day away from her side tore him apart.  Everyone else was sure she didn't make it, but he wouldn't think that.  She had survived so much that a red beam that fried all the synthetics and reaper technology wouldn't destroy her.

He glanced to the door of the ship knowing it would only be another week or two until they could finally leave.  He knew Joker had been working himself to pieces to keep his mind off the empty core and body that had been EDI's.  He hadn't fallen to that point yet but he figured that if Shepard was dead when they returned, he would.  

“Eve, I know your out there, the crews have been wondering where you've been,” Garrus said looking back to the sky, “Tali has been telling me to have courage, and I'm trying to for the crews sake.”

Garrus then chuckled to himself saying, “They've been looking at me for command,  apparently they all thought of me as your second even though Ash would be more suitable for that being Alliance and all.  It was a bit surprising to have a crew of mostly humans following a turian for leadership but I am handling it.  I just ask myself what you would do in the situations I face.”

Garrus then looked down closing his eyes slowly saying, “Spirits, if only I had a sign that she was still alive out there.  It would make this so much easier...”

He heard the airlock door disengaging causing him to glance over seeing Tali coming from ship looking around then noticing him.  He sighed seeing his quiet time was done and time to go back to things that would keep Shepard from the center of his thoughts.

Eve Shepard laid in the hospital bed on the Destiny Ascension, it had been turned into an emergency hospital for the critically injured or people who were important to the future of the galaxy. Shepard apparently met both of those as much as she didn't agree with the second.  She glanced over a small smile on her lips seeing Grunt asleep there.  She then sighed wishing she knew what happened to the crew on the Normandy especially Garrus, it had been heart breaking sending him back onto the ship with Javik of all people proping him up.  She shook her head slightly knowing she was lucky Miranda hadn't been on the Normandy and got her awaken from her coma in a mere two months.

All her friends that had survived until the final battle, except Zaeed (though no one was sure he hadn't just disappeared once the battle was over), and had visited her since she woke up a month ago.  Grunt in fact rarely left her bedside saying that he didn't trust these Asari with the care of his battlemaster and was going to protect her no matter what.  She was touched by that and just added it to more reasons Garrus would have to tease her about the krogan being her adopted son.  Well that is once him and the rest of the Normandy made it back.

She would never let herself think that they wouldn't be coming back.  When they did, she would be ready and maybe her and Garrus could retire like he wanted.  Perhaps even find out what a Human-Turian hybrid looks like, the Salarian's owed her anyway and she was sure they could figure that out for them.

“Commander, we just got a transmission from the Normandy,” a young Alliance Cadet said quickly as he came into the room waking up Grunt in the process.

“It's about time,” Grunt muttered glaring at the Cadet then looking over to Shepard wondering what she would say.

Eve pushed herself up into a sitting position with a groan before looking at the Cadet asking, “Really?  That is great news, what does it say?”

“Here you are commander,” the cadet said offering a datapad to Eve before saluting to her.

“At ease Cadet,” Eve said before she pushed play on the message hearing Tali's voice come from the speaker which caused her to smile.

“This Tali Zorah vas Normandy, requesting assistance for the ship Normandy SR2.  We have been stranded on an unknown garden planet for 90 day cycles.  If you receive this please trace this message and return communications.  News on the war and Commander Shepard would be much appreciated and could raise crew moral,” Tali's voice rang out over the speakers causing Eve to glance up to the Cadet.

“Did you already return communications?”  she asked in hope that Garrus was alive as well, though she was still happy to hear Tali's voice.

“Yes, Commander, we told them we faced casualties including the Geth in total but that the reapers had fallen with their systems fried.  We also told them that you were awake and recovering from critical status at an outstanding rate,” the cadet said with a nod, “We are working on getting the QET more stabilized to have a direct conversations besides audio messages such as these.  When we succeed we will come get you if you wish.”

“I do, thank you Cadet,” Eve said with a nod smiling wider now at learning at least part of her crew survived.  

She didn't think about EDI at the moment, knowing all to well she wouldn't be one of the ones returning.  She had already come to terms with the fact she played ruthless calculus, as Garrus had  aptly put it, on that that platform to save the galaxy she had to sacrifice all AI.  She had never expected to come out of it alive, she was just tired of the war and the other two choices didn't seem right to her.  Becoming a god of the reapers or merging all synthetics with organic life wasn't a type of control she wanted.  She was there to destroy the reapers not to make peace.  For once in her life she was wanting nothing but the destruction of an entire species (even after Mindoir and Elysium she hadn't felt like that toward the bartarians), if you could even call the Reapers a species, and didn't think of the sacrifices.  Even though she knew that she would have to talk to Joker when he returned because the guilt over EDI and the Geth sometimes haunted her dreams.

She let out a sigh watching the Cadet leave the room then looking to Grunt asking, “Why don't you go get something to eat Grunt?  Maybe go tell the others they made contact with the Normandy but if Wrex is in those discussions with the other leaders don't interrupt.”

“But Shepard they don't have any decent ryncol on this ship,” Grunt grumbled stubbornly not wanting to leave Shepard's side when no one else was there.

“Grunt, you don't need ryncol anyway, even though even the cheap stuff still kicks you on your ass just the same,” Eve said shaking her head slightly, “Last time you drank any, you caught a C-Sec car on fire and then took it for a joy ride after you climbed on the statue in the presidium.  Don't make me pull rank on you just to get you to go eat.”

“We aren't on the Normandy, Shepard, you have no rank over me out here,” Grunt said sure of himself which only earned a stern glare that most who had ever been on her crew knew you didn't want to face, “He he he, fine Shepard.  I'll go eat just don't let that damn asari doctor do anything to you.  My Battlemaster needs to be in tip top shape soon after all.”

With that he got up leaving Shepard to slowly fall asleep with a hopeful smile on her lips, that most hadn't seen in a long time.

“What is it Tali?” Garrus asked coming up the ramp to the quarian in wonder, he hoped it was good news and not another set back.

“We received a message from the Destiny Ascension in response to the one I sent two days ago,” Tali said happily looking at Garrus with her glowing eyes through the helmet, “You need to hear this.”

Garrus mandible moved slightly wondering if the news was good or even if it included news on Eve.  He followed Tali up to the war room QET standing in front of it as Tali activated the message on it.  He listened slowly hearing a normal alliance soldier's voice come over the speakers.

“Normandy, this is the Destiny Ascension which received your message.  It is good to know that the Commander's ship is still intact and that at least parts of the crew remains,” the message said in direct speech, “We are happy to inform you that the reapers fell, their systems completely fried.  Though the blast also fried the some of the communication bayous which we have been able to recover most of, as well as seriously damaged the mass relays which we are working on recovering with some already done, and fried the Geth's circuits fully.  The Quarians are trying to bring them back online but the outlook doesn't look good.”

At that Garrus looked at Tali saying, “Well that is unexpected, sounds like they need your expertise Tali.”

Tali shook her head saying, “Perhaps, my people will recover Rannoch much easier with their aide.  It is still hard to accept that we had a truce though.”

Garrus nodded in understanding before listening to the rest of the message in wonder if it said anything about Shepard.  He listened to the rest of the briefing on the aftermath of the war glad to recovering efforts were going along strong.

“Finally, to answer your other question about Commander Shepard.  She is alive and recovering in the emergency hospital on board this ship.  She woke up about a month ago and is gaining strength faster then the doctors expected.  Though there is a krogan that is making it hard for any doctors to treat her other then her personal doctor Lawson so when you return you could probably be of aide in that situation,” the message continued causing Garrus to let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding, “We have attached coordinates of this ship, we request you to input them so we can get a direct line up with your ship.  The Commander wishes to know your status as well.”

“She's alive...” Garrus said in shock looking over to Tali who nodded before getting to work on the QET to get that direct line.

“You should probably go tell the others, I'll come get you when this direct link is established,” Tali said looking back at Garrus.

“Thanks Tali,” Garrus said as he turned heading out to speak with Joker first, his own hope had been restored.  Now all he needed was to hear her voice again and he would do everything in his power to get back to her.
Renewed Hope Chapter 1
I stayed up way to late writing a fanfic again last night.  I suddenly got inspiration as I was playing ME3 again to do an aftermath of the destroy ending fic.  I know I already have one ME3 fic in the works but this one seems better to me at the moment.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I have way too much time on my hands so I write and make banners. Most of my stories are pokemon fan-fictions.

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Favorite Couples:
White X N (Ferriswheelshipping)
Lyra X Silver (Soulsilvershipping)
Leaf X Green (OldRivalshipping)

Favorite Girls (in order of how I like them):
White (I hate her design but love most peoples personality they give her)

Favorite Guys:
N (come on who doesn't love the cute nerdy dude)

My Dream Team:

DA Family So Far
:iconmasqurade-chan: is the last fat rainbow farting unicorn that can puke pokeballs.
:iconcherabby: is the mentally unstable hedgehog.
:iconleteveryoneoverarip: is the little brother who loves penguins.
:iconthemadhatterscup: is the aunt that is a ramen eating hippo.
:iconevefarrel: is the insane older sister who every day has a new character she tries to act like for the entire day.
:iconclawthehedgehog11:is the french toast.
:iconxnocturnallightx: is the pet hermit crab.
:iconmikikimio: is the human child that can turn into a baby panda with awesome ninja powaaz!
:iconlolipoploid: is the spoiled creeping bottomless pit of food that drags everyone to wonderland and borrows bananas.
:icondragonfire1024: is the crazy smart, Pokemon obsessive, little sister that annoys everyone by telling them random facts of the day at random times.
:iconxmintea: is the pet cat that is quite quirky and likes having lots of fun!
:iconandrogynousrabbit: is the insane, psychopathic, pyromaniac tomboy sister who loves fire and beanies.
:icontheliekmudkipz: is the creepy, overexcited yet subtly awesome little sister.
:iconsomnambulantriparian: is the reincarnated alligator from Saskatchewan who has a fetish for Smoothies of all species.
:iconimmortalfire367: is the redneck Pichu half-brother from Uranus.
:iconimachi120: is the mail lady who is secretly a spy from the CIA who is also secretly a space traveler from plant AWESOME.
:iconamyrosenumerouno: is the little sister with the creepy smile.
:iconthecatgirl246: is the crazy tomboy/rouge who has awesome magical powers and can transform into any animal of her choice.
:iconsnowcocoa: is the tsundere cocoa cup.
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:iconkiddopolis: is the malteser obsesseed, tsundere, awesome Celebi.
:iconsirus7009: is the long lost big brother who enjoys shooting things and writes Pokemon Romance fics like it's a dying trend.
:iconhi-hikari-byouga: is the Unworldly Tsundere Curled Up In A Dark Corner Keeping Herself Alive By Playing Pokemon On Her DS, Reading Fanfiction To Giggle/Weep About Her Feels Afterwards And Eating Happy Colas.
I just want to let you all know that I am going to be moving back to where my hometown is, half way across the USA from where I am now, in 26 days on December 6th.  I'll still be on but don't expect anything new written from me unless I get a huge stroke of an idea that I can't resist writing.  

It's a sudden move but it's a necessary move for me to go back to College and to hopefully get a job.  I will still reply to all of you though.

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