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Lyra smiled to herself as she rushed down the stairs toward the living room.  She had just finished writing a letter to her father in her notebook like she had every morning since she was six years old.  She took the last few steps into the living room abit slower looking at the pictures of a happy life just 4 years before.   She let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding.  

She came in seeing her mom setting the table.  She smiled to the woman noting the bag sitting in the empty third seat.  She glanced over to her mom in wonder asking, "Morning, what's my bag doing here?"

"Well Professor Elm asked you to come over and well that normally means he will want to give you a pokemon," her mom said happily looking at her daughter, "Plus your pokegear came back from the shop so you're probably going to start the adventure all 10 year olds go on."

Lyra's eyes grew wide as she smiled saying, "That's awesome news mom!"

She got up without eating grabbing her bag rushing out before her mom could say a word.  She was going to head straight to Elm's lab until she saw a bit of red by the window.  She blinked in wonder, going around the edge of the building stopping as she saw a red head standing there peaking into the lab.  

"Hello," Lyra said in curiously as she came up to the boy who was the same age as her by appearance but she had never seen him before.  Before she could get a good look she felt his hand push her back and landed on the ground.  She glared up at him as his silver eyes met hers.  Silver eyes that were filled with such sadness and hatred that it made her want to reach out and take him in her arms and whisper everything would be OK.  

She slowly pushed herself back to her feet, taking a few breaths as the boys harsh voice met her ears, "Leave me alone, pigtails."

Lyra frowned for a moment then shrugged as she turned putting on a smile as she headed into the lab.  As she came in she smiled softly seeing Kris and Elm talking near by about something excitingly.

"I'm not interrupting anything am I?"  She asked quietly as she came over to them.

Elm looked at her with a big smile saying, "Your not interrupting anything, we were just discussing the message I got from Mr. Pokémon about an egg he found that is unlike any egg from Pokémon around here."

"I see..." Lyra said in confusion to what that had to do with her.  

"I said I could go pick it up but the professor said it would be the perfect chance to give you a pokemon, Lyra," Kris said as she put her hands into the lab coat she wore while helping Elm with research.

Lyra looked at them both with a big smile noticing a smoochum come out carrying a platter with three pokeballs sitting on it.   She didn't waist anytime heading over as Kris took the platter putting it on the table for Lyra.

Lyra looked through the pokemon until she came to the one closest to Kris and Elm picking it up curiously.  She felt like whatever pokémon this was it was the one she was going to take as her partner.  

"That is a chikorita the leaf pokemon," Elm said with a nod smiling to Lyra.

Kris smiled coming over saying,  "I took totodile myself when I started my journey but chikorita is a good."

"Then I choose little Chiko here," Lyra said happily calling out the small green pokemon with its big round eyes.

Chiko looked up at her tilting her head to the side squeaking cutely before coming over rubbing against her.  This made Lyra giggle as she bent over and scooped the little pokemon into her arms snuggling into her happily.

"Why don't you leave her out of the pokeball?  I've been wanting to see the effects that would have friendship any way," Elm asked not regretting choosing Lyra over his adopted son Ethan for this.  The bond Lyra had already were clear with the pokemon in her arms even if it only had been a few seconds it was already so bright.

Lyra smiled placing Chiko on her head it pushing her cherished hat up to get under it.  She looked to Elm and Kris saying, "I was already planning that.  Anyway tell me where is Mr. Pokemon's house."

"His house is halfway between Cherrygrove and Violet among the trees there," Kris said with a nod watching Elm come over Lyra.

Elm pulled out his pokegear saying, "Please give me your pokegear number in case we need to get in touch with you."

"OK Professor, " Lyra said with a smile pulling out her own pokegear giving him the number and registering his on hers.

She then waved goodbye as she headed out noticing the red head from before was gone for now.  She shrugged hearing someone saying her name behind her.  She glanced back smiling softly at seeing her childhood friend, Ethan, and his Marill running toward her.

"Lyra!" Ethan exclaimed happily as he slid to a stop right before slamming into Lyra, spying the little green pokemon peaking out at him below her hat, "Oh!  You got a pokemon from dad, that is awesome."

"Yeah he is also sending me to pick up an egg from Mr. Pokemon's house," Lyra said almost missing the flash of jealousy in his gold eyes.

"I see, well still awesome you finally got a pokemon," Ethan said a bit less excited for her then before, "I may leave for my own journey soon anyway.  Marill and me are ready to catch up with Kris in strength."
"Alright Ethan," Lyra said softly knowing that Ethan always wanted to catch up to Kris who had only recently came back to work with Elm after her 2 year journey she was on since she was 10 herself.

Before Ethan could say anything more Lyra fixed her bag and turned to get this done saying, "Bye Ethan."

"Not going to tell your mom?" Ethan called after her but Lyra kept walking heading to cherrygrove knowing if she hurried she could get back by nightfall.

Lyra smiled !istening to Chiko's squeaks like she understood them perfectly as she walked saying, "Oh yeah Ethan was so jealous, but I am older by a few months so I'm sure he be following soon."

Chiko started to squeak in response until jumping off Lyra's head, Lyra's hat being held on her head quickly by her, growling as a rattata came from the grass.

"Uh...what moves do you you even know?" Lyra asked panicking as Chiko squeaked loudly before tackling the rattata hard making it roll back.

Rattata stood back up shaking its head before going to run into Chiko but hit it harder back making it roll back again.

Lyra watched seeing the rattata turn over before running off swiftly leaving Lyra smiling as she cheered, "Go Chiko, you are awesome."

Chiko squeaked proudly as she went over to be scooped up by her new trainer and hugged close as they continued into Cherrygrove.  Lyra smiled to herself seeing the small town with younger children running around with smaller pokemon.   She walked toward the pokemon center to heal Chiko of the damage she took from battling the rattata.  She thanked Nurse Joy as she left heading down the road toward Mr. Pokemon's home bypassing the battle two trainers were having near by.  She hugged Chiko close in her arms.  

She battled a few pokemon here and there along the way, her smile growing as Chiko of glowed against a spinerak sending out a bunch of razor sharp leaves into it knocking it out.  She cheered saying, "Way to go Chiko, you are the best."

Chiko squeaked back to Lyra like she was saying she already knew that as she trotted over now just walking beside her trainer to the house in the distance.  Lyra took a deep breath as she knocked on the door.

The door was opened by a bellsprout's vine whip revealing said bellsprout and two elderly men speaking.  Lyra recognized one of them from somewhere but she didn't have a clue from where.  

One of the men looked up from under his floppy had, his grayish blue eyes were extremely friendly as he said, "oh hello, you must be Lyra."

"That is right sir," Lyra said as Chiko looked around her leg at the two men in wonder.

"Professor Elm said you would be coming," he said getting up going to get a container with a pokemon egg inside, "I'm Mr. Pokemon so nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you as well," Lyra said as the familiar man came over to look at her Chiko like he was inspecting it.

"I see why Elm chose you for this job, the bond you have with this pokemon already is astounding," the man said before noticing the confusion on Lyra's face, "Oh, I'm Professor Oak."

"Professor Oak?  I love your Pokemon talk with Mary show," Lyra said happily no believing she was meeting the famous Professor here of all places.  This was the grandfather of the handsome Gym Leader Green Oak and the one who gave the famous Leaf her first pokemon.

"Thank you, always nice to meet a fan of the radio show," Oak said with a nod, "I was just here to visit my old friend is all and heard you were coming so decided to come meet you."

Lyra watched as he got a device from his briefcase handing it to her making Lyra look at him in confusion as he said, "That there is a pokedex, a new version Green's and Red's inputs helped develop.  I would be happy if you would carry that with you and scan any pokemon you catch for me."

"You want me to be a dex holder like Leaf was?" Lyra asked in surprised as she took the pokedex with a bright smile looking at it in wonder.

"Yes I think you will be a very impressive trainer as well," Oak said with a nod smiling back before looking at Mr. Pokemon as the man came over as well, "Well I will be heading out then my friend, I have to get to Goldenrod before tomorrow."

"Alright, Professor Oak, have a good evening," Mr. Pokemon said before smiling to Lyra, holding out the pokemon egg in it's incubator,  "Here you are Lyra."

"Thank you," Lyra said taking the egg carefully placing it into her bag, "Well I better get back to Elm's Lab then."

"Alright goodbye Lyra," Mr. Pokemon said as Lyra walked out to head home to New Bark Town.

After a few moments as Lyra walked with Chiko battling some along the way.  Right when Chiko took out a pidgey and was cheering her on when the familiar ring-tone of her pokegear rang out.  She pulled it from her bag in wonder as she answered it being greeted by a very frantic Professor Elm.

"Lyra!  It's horrible....while we were out for a walk someone broke in....just hurry back here," Elm said hanging up before Lyra had a chance to respond.

Lyra frowned as she picked up Chiko saying, "What in Arceus name happened out there.  We better hurry Chiko."

She started running as she held Chiko close to her chest not paying attention as she rushed through Cherrygrove.  Before she realized though she found herself on the ground and Chiko had managed to get out of her arms growling up at the red haired boy from earlier.  Lyra frowned as she looked up to him saying, "Uh....hello again.  I'm sorry for running into you..."

Lyra stood up slowly, fixing her hat, and hearing the boy as he glared at her Chiko, "...You got a pokemon at the lab.  What a wimp.  That's a pokemon that's too good for a wimp like you."

"I'm not a wimp and I know my little Chiko isn't a wimp either," Lyra said as she looked at the boy seeing the coldness laced with sadness in his silver eyes.

The boy huffed and pulled out a pokeball saying, "Don't you get what I'm saying, Pigtails?  Well, I too have a good pokemon.  I'll show you what I mean!"

"My name is Lyra not pigtails," she replied before he called out a familiar cyndaquil which made Chiko pause not wanting to fight her friend.

The cyndaquil looked confused as he looked back to the red haired boy as said boy gritted his teeth at the sight of the fire mouse.

"Well go ahead and show her what your made of," the boy growled kicking the poor pokemon slightly, "Use tackle."

The little cyndaquil ran into Chiko hard making her slide back slightly   Lyra was quick knowing this would be her first real batt!e calling out, "I don't think we have a choice, Chiko use tackle back."

Chiko looked at her friend sadly before ramming into him hard making the cyndaquil slide back farther then he had her.  It was obvious the few battles against wild pokemon had made Chiko the stronger pokemon.

"Humph!  You're doing OK for someone so weak," the boy said with a growl before ordering cyndaquil to tackle again.

Chiko took it and shook if off as Lyra called out, "Let's finish it Chiko, razor leaf!"

The pods on the side of Chiko's neck as she sent a barrage of leaves into cyndaquil making it fall back out cold.

The boy narrowed his eyes as he called back the cyndaquil asking, "Are you happy you won?  Do you know who I am?  I'm going to be the world's greatest trainer."

He then brushed by her dropping a card as he went by.  Lyra reached down slowly picking up the card.  She saw it was a trainer card reading the name, "Silver?  So that's your name."

It was only a few moments until Lyra felt the card being ripped from her hands.  She looked up into what she knew now was his namesake eyes with her own brown ones.

"Give that back pest!  That is my trainer card!" Silver said quickly looking away, "Crap you saw my name."

He turned to leave Lyra standing there heading into Cherrygrove stopping and stumbling a bit as Lyra called after him, "Bye Silvy!"

Lyra then looked down at Chiko saying,  "I'm sorry you had to fight your friend, Chiko.  I wonder why he had cyndaquil from Elm's is with Silvy there."

With that Lyra gasped picking up Chiko petting her as she rushed back toward Elm's saying, "Silver was the one who broke into Elm's Lab...."

Chiko squeaked up at her in response as they got back to New Bark seeing a police car parked near by.  Lyra frowned as she headed into Elm's lab seeing Kris was getting ready with her feraligator to go after the one who did this.

"Lyra!  It's horrible someone broke in and stole the cyndaquil," Elm said coming over to Lyra quickly, "I'm glad to see you are OK."

"Yeah I'm fine," Lyra said not sure what to say, she didn't think Silver was as bad as he acted and must have had his reasons to steal cyndaquil.

"We didn't find anything," the cop said as he came back in to the lab noticing Lyra, "Oh who are you?  It's common knowledge the culprit returns to the scene of the crime."

"Wait!" Ethan said as he rushed into the lab sliding to a stop in front of the cop,  "Lyra didn't do anything, I saw a red headed girl looking into the window earlier."

Lyra held back a laugh at Silver being called a girl but Kris noticed it hearing Chiko squeak as well.  Kris came over to Lyra asking,  "Lyra do you know something?"

Lyra looked at the senior trainer saying, "I may have battled them on my way from Cherrygrove."

"Really?  Did you get a name?" the police officer asked coming over to Lyra, "And any other information about them."

"Oh um I think there name was Kamon Heart," Lyra said innocently even though she was lying for the first time in her life.  She didn't want to turn in Silver, she felt like he needed someone to be there for him and she couldn't help but feel like she had to do this.

"OK thank you," the officer said tilting his hat to her before looking to Elm, "We will look for this Kamon Heart and the missing pokemon."

"Alright thank you officer," Elm said as the officer left to look for someone that didn't fit the actual criminal but only Lyra knew that.
Lyra watched quietly questioning her choice to lie to the officer.  It wasn't like her to ever lie as she looked down at Chiko who sat in her arms silent as well.

Kris and Elm came over to her after a few moment with Elm asking, "So what did Mr. Pokemon have?"

"Oh an egg," Lyra replied happily as she sat Chiko on the floor so she could get the egg out.  As she got the Egg Kris grabbed the pokedex that she had latched her bag.

"Is this a pokedex?" Kris asked surprised knowing only trainers that Oak expected great things from got a pokedex.

"Oh yeah I met Professor Oak an Mr.  Pokemon's house, he gave it to me," Lyra said as she took it back from Kris a smile on her lips.

"That isn't fair," Ethan said with a huff from near by as he turned to leave obviously jealous of her luck.  Lyra watched him leave wondering if her childhood friend would let this be what broke them up.

"I'll talk to him," Kris said with a nod to Lyra and Elm before rushing after the younger boy.

"Thank you for going to get the egg for me, Lyra," Elm said coming over to her, "I think in light of pokedex you should go out and take the league challenge.  We should expect great things from you."

Lyra smiled nodding as she picked up Chiko into her arms saying,  "Alright I will leave tomorrow then Professor, thank you."

Lyra walked out with that heading home in thought asking the little pokemon in her arms quietly, "Do you think it was wrong of me to lie about Silvy's name?  He had to have his reasons for taking the pokemon and I aim to find out why.  I want to be his friend."

Hey dad,

Today was such a wild day, your little girl finally became a pokemon trainer and I even got a pokedex from the famous Professor Oak.  I think you would love Chiko, she is the sweetest little chikorita I've ever met.  In fact she is laying on the end of my bed sleeping peacefully while I write this before bed.  Would you be proud of me for that?  I doubt you are from where ever you are in Lord Arceus's Court now looking down on me since I also lied for the first time today.

I know I shouldn't have lied, dad, but you always said there is good in everyone and I'm sure Silver had his reasons for taking the pokemon.  I have a feeling he just needs a friend, I know I want to try to be his friend as well if I ever see him again.  I hope I can change him around and make you proud in the process.

Your little Lyra.
Letters To Beyond Chapter 1: A Journey's Beginning
It's been like 3 years since I wrote the prologue to this story.  I am very happy to announce I am continuing this story mostly because I have a lot of free time at work between calls so I have been working on it.   Now I would like to hear what everyone else thinks.

Chapter 2: (Will come soon)
Stay (With Me)

15 years old, Rikku leaned into Gippal closing her eyes.  She knew this wouldn't last forever, she was leaving soon to go after Yunie and save her from the pilgrimage.  Plus even if it wasn't for that, Gippal had received word he was accepted in the Crimson Squad.

He had called her out there to show her something before they said good bye the next day.  He still hadn't said a word about it though since she got out there to meet him.  She opened her eyes looking at the reflection of the moon on the oasis.  She was getting tired of the silence though.

“Hey Gips,” Rikku whispered quietly which was uncharacteristic for her.

Rikku met Gippal's good eye as he looked down at her, “What did you want to show me?”

“Well Cid's girl,” she heard Gippal begin only to be cut off by Rikku.

“I have a name you know,” she said pouting as she looked at him only to be quiet when he put his index finger against her lips.

“Hush,” Gippal said his eye rolling in response to her protest, “I got you something to say good bye with.”

Rikku watched as he reached into his bag to get the item he was producing to show her.  She glanced up to him in wonder then back to his hands noting the two blue hair berets in his hands.  They were jeweled with sapphires she knew were dug up in the desert.  She glanced up to him in surprise.

“Do you like them?” Gippal asked rather nervously losing his normal joking persona he kept up.

Rikku looked down at them just remembering everything that brought them to this point.

They had known each other for so long.   They grew up together here in Bikanel.   Sure they had their ups and downs.  They fought all the time but everyone knew they were best friends.

Everyone but them also knew they were meant together long before they admitted their feelings for each other.   They had been dancing around each other for so long before the just month before at the party celebrating the discovery of the airship.

She knew he was watching her the whole night even while trying to talk to Brother and Buddy most of the evening.   It was finally just after the reveal that she had got him cornered and admitted everything.

She just had never known he would respond with pulling her into his arms and kissing her like that.  Then the screams of Brother until they had both ran out of the chamber in laughter.   It had been one wild ride since then.  

Rikku looked back to Gippal's eyes saying slowly in response, “I love them, Gips, thank you.”

Rikku saw his smile as she felt him slowly put them in her hair in a cross shape then him getting closer until his lips were on hers.

They stayed there together for what felt like several hours.  Rikku knew the time though and knew she had to get going.  She would be leaving soon after all.  She shivered as she pulled away whispering, “Gippal....tuh'd vunkad sa.”

“E fuh'd, Rikku,” Gippal said back quietly and Rikku knew he hardly ever called her Rikku unless he was very serious.

Rikku slowly stood up with him turning away from him saying, “Caa oy mydan drah, Gips.”

She started to walk then started to run feeling the wet tears starting to fall down her cheeks.   She didn't want to leave and she wanted him to stay.   That wasn't a choice they had at the moment though, after this was done she knew she wouldn't have to live without him.  Or so she hoped at least.

Gippal watched with a frown as Rikku ran toward Home.   He reached up running a hand through his golden hair.  He didn't have a clue when he would see her again but they both had things they had to do.  He just hoped he could defeat Sin with the Crimson Squad before Rikku ever had to run into that with her cousin.

Two years later

18 years old,  Gippal had made quite a name for himself as a Machina Faction Leader.  It was the life he had been striving to build to act as a buffer between Nooj's group, the Youth League, and Baralai's group, New Yevon.   He hadn't seen Rikku since the destruction of Home and he hadn't even spoke to her then.  He knew she had been busy with trying to save High Summoner Yuna so he didn't want to distract her from that.  He took the first chance he got to get off the airship with the other Al Bhed rather then temp fate right then.   He had figured when she was done she would come find him.

Well Yuna defeated Sin, brought the eternal calm, Rikku had been with her all the way to the end, was still alive and well according to Cid during the meetings they had, but she still hadn't come to find him.  He could only figure one thing, unlike his promise to her about not forgetting her.  She forgot him and moved on with her life.

Well that was until Gippal saw Yuna, Paine, and Rikku waiting in line for an interview to become Diggers.  He couldn't figure why she would suddenly show up with the high summoner and Paine of all people for a job from him.  Not that he was going to complain, she sure had grown up and the view was stunning he had to admit.  He did notice the lack of the barrettes in her hair though, and that just made him think still she had moved on.

When the interview happened he teased her like old times and it felt the same like they fell back into a groove neither of them mentioning their last meeting though the first time.

By the second meeting, Gippal was getting tired of not knowing how she felt anymore.  He didn't even try to hold back the words as they slipped from his lips when Yuna said they seemed close, “We made quite the couple.”

He looked down at Rikku as his arm was wrapped around her shoulders quickly feeling her shove and the force behind it.  He noticed her blush as her words met his ears, “Fryd yna oui cyoehk?”

He just laughed to that but the nervousness in her words and the blush on her face spoke more to him then the Al Bhed she just spoke.   He smirked ruffling her hair saying, “Rikku's always good for a good laugh.”

He then pulled away looking at the three girls crossing his arms saying, “If you're here about digging, this isn't the best time.”

“Well, there were fiends here too, right?” Rikku asked glancing over to the girl meeting her green eyes noticing the hand on her hip as she continued, “Want us to clean up for you?”

“Fiend hunting?” he asked raising the eyebrow over his one good eye as he looked at her, “What, you guys give up the sphere gig?”

Yuna start to speak glancing over to the high summoner but his eye kept moving back to Rikku worried about them getting involved in all this.  They had already saved the world once as he heard Yuna go on ending with, “'d like to hire us?”

He paused pretending to think about it rubbing his chin knowing he had to say something that would hopefully push them out of this.  He didn't need Rikku running off after Vegnagun how she ended up running after Sin even when her original plan was just to save Yuna.

“Nope,” he finally said looking to them simply directing the next line to Rikku even if he was looking at Yuna, “You already took care of Sin.”

He then looked straight at Yuna meaning this for her period, “We can't go running to you every time we get into trouble.”

He glanced over to Rikku deciding to play with her a bit though by flirting with Yuna.  Maybe if he made jealous she would give more of a notion on if after all this was said and done he could get her to stay.  He slowly walked over to Yuna leaning down looking at her face with a smirk saying in a husky voice, “I watch my own back.”

Rikku huff near by as he stood up, his eyes falling on the Al Bhed as she screamed toward him, “Show off!”

Well there was was the reaction he wanted a smile coming to his lips to the blush that came to her cheeks after wards.  He took it in asYuna's voice began, “Well, be careful.”

He kept his eyes on Rikku meaning much more then the simple word as he said, “You too.”

Rikku followed Yuna back to the ship saying in response to Yuna's questions on what Gippal had said with a deep red blush, “No, there was never anything between Gippal and me.”

She hated lying to Yuna but he had never made any action toward finding her either.  It wasn't like she had been invisible for the past 2 years.  Being Yuna's guardian had made that rather hard.  No as far as she knew once Sin was taken care of she heard about him becoming the faction leader soon after that.   Maybe what they had really had just been a childish romance that when it came down to it meant nothing to him.   Only something to tease her about now then immediately flirt with Yuna afterwards in front of her.  

She on the other hand still had held hope those two years that they would meet again and pick up the pieces to being right back to how it was before.  Sure she never went to find him either but she had been nervous with how he would react.   Home was destroyed and she had went with Yuna to stop Sin instead of making her cousin quit her pilgrimage.   She went right into the line of fire even though she knew that was part of his reason to join the Crimson Squad to begin with.  He had wanted to protect Home and her from Sin as well as the rest of Spira's hatred to the Al Bhed.

When they got back to the ship she made an excuse to head to the engine room to be alone.  It was the best place for her to think as she slipped her hand under her bandana.  She slipped two blue jeweled barrettes out them laying in the palm of her hand.  She looked at them as she held them close to her heart taking a deep breath in.

“Gips....” She whispered to herself her eyes closed as she felt them poke into her hand, “I guess I'm the only one who didn't forget.”

She opened her green eyes as she stood up, putting those barrettes in the pouch on her belt.  She ran up the stairs to the elevator knowing the Gullwings had things they had to do.  People they had to save.  An ancient Mechenia to destroy.   She could worry about the growing hole in her heart later.

It was right after the concert as she looked at the video with the others from the commsphere the Farplane.

Her face lit up as she heard Gippal's voice.  It was nice to know he was alive as he said, “Impressive machina!  An invention like this could change the world.   Whoever came up with this is a genius.”

She smirked hearing Shinra respond, “He's got good taste.”

Rikku knew though Gippal wouldn't complement someone without throwing in some of his own cockiness and right an queue she heard though a little fuzzy from the feed, “Guess I'm a genius, too, for fixing it!”

She watched over Shinra's right shoulder as Yuna watched from the left as Gippal tapped the glass on the sphere asking, “Anybody home?”

She couldn't help but look toward her cousin as the woman exclaimed, “Gippal!”

She sighed as there was no response hearing disheartening from Shinra, “I don't think he can hear us.”

She looked back as Gippal had a similar response to her looking briefly dishearten at it not working.  It was only brief and she doubted anyone other then her would recognize that look of his when a mechina didn't work as he expected.  She heard his voice deep in thought, “No response.  Hm.”

She was pushed out of the way by Leblanc as Nooj's voice was heard over the comm.  She huffed glaring up at the older woman as she pushed herself up.  She kept listening to the conversation of Vegnagun as she fixed her skirt.  She felt the twinge of pain in her heart that Gippal could die before she even got to tell him the feelings that she held still in her heart for him.

“Eteud ec kuehk du kad rescamv gemmat duu,” Rikku muttered to herself as she recognized Gippal's tone during his last sentence.  He wasn't going to let Nooj take on that thing by himself.  

She saw Paine looking at her knowingly, a small blush appearing on her cheeks at the thought of Paine hearing her.  She knew Paine had teasing her enough about how she had acted before they went to save the Machina Faction.   She didn't want the idiot's current love, even if she hated to admit it wasn't her anymore and it was kind of hard to be jealous of a buisness, to be destroyed.  

She waste anytime joining in on wanting to help the two though.  She had to fix what was broken between Lenne and Shuyin for the sake of Spira and save Nooj, Baralai, and Gippal with the others even if she knew in the end her and Gippal wouldn't ever be more then friends again.

Gippal looked up at her as she knelt beside him just before Vegnagun.  He felt her applying an X-potion to his skin that he didn't have a clue where she had pulled it out of.  That pouch of hers wasn't that big.  He bit his lower lip as it stung.  He saw Paine and Yuna watching the sphere near by he had handed Paine.  He glanced back up to Rikku meeting her green eyes saying, “Thanks, Cid's girl.”

“I have a name,” she said as she applied more potion making him gasp as it stung.  He took in her Alchemist dress sphere noting just how much more covered she looked in this compared to her normal clothes.  

“Oui luimt ryja kuddah ouincamv gemmat,” he heard her whisper more to herself as she worked on his wounds not looking at his face anymore.

“E's cunno, E teth'd ryja desa du kad y cdulgbema uv budeuhc mega cusa baubma E ghuf,” He said in response as he went to sit up.  It wasn't his fault that Nooj had slipped by while he was left to fight one of those damn Ultima weapons.  He had almost been killed when these three came and defeated it with ease.   Well he guessed it could have been worse for his manly pride then being saved by these three.  He also knew why Nooj had done it, he had made it clear he wasn't going to let the man kill himself with his plan.   Vegnagun was still a machina after all and that meant it was built by people so it could be taken apart by them somehow.   He was going to find out how.

He watched as Rikku finished and stood up, her saying, “Stay here for a few minuets then you can catch up.  That potion will take some time on the wounds you had, Gips.”

He blinked his one good eye in surprised to her calling him Gips as he was forced to watch her run off after Paine and Yuna toward Vegnagun.  He glanced to the side, noticing something small glittering from the ground where Rikku had been kneeling while she worked.  He reached over picking two small, blue, jeweled barrettes from the metal floor.   He stared at them in shock, Rikku must have dropped them from her pouch while getting that x-potion out.   The fact she still had them after all this time meant the feelings he hoped she still had for him had to be there somewhere.  It was a sign she hadn't forgotten about him, just like he hadn't forgotten her.   He slowly slid them into his pocket knowing after this was said and done they had a lot to talk about.

He got up slowly after a few minuets racing after the girls.  He wasn't about to let them and the Leblanc gang save the world alone.

Rikku dumped her pouch on her bed, digging through the potions she had stashed in there asking loudly, “Where the hell are they?”

“Um, Rikku, what are you looking for?” Yuna asked from behind her, glancing back at her cousin noticing the bewildered and surprised look.  She probably guessed that would be from just how many potions she had stashed in her pouch from the alchemist dress sphere.

“My barrettes,” she replied having wanted to wear them during the good bye to Gippal and the other two.  In truth she wanted to see if Gippal even recognized them anymore.

“You mean the ones you used to wear all the time?” Yuna asked then in wonder as she turned around sitting down among the potions.

“Yes them, have you seen them, Yunie?” She asked looking at her cousin in hope, even if it wasn't for this good bye thing she didn't want to know they were lost.  They were the only thing that kept the hope alive in her for Gippal to still love her.

“I'm sorry, Rikku, I haven't,” Yuna said and saw the woman shake her head.  She sighed looking down gripping the sides of her bed.  She hoped this wasn't a sign that she should just give up on Gippal.  

She felt Yuna hug her slowly as she looked up trying not to cry as she slowly hugged her back.  She could barely hear  Yuna saying, “I didn't realize they were so important to you,” as she felt her heart begin to shatter.  The hope she had would disappear if she couldn't find those damn barrettes, or at least that is how it felt.

Rikku gulped but started to cry whispering, “They were a gift from Gippal before I left Home to save you, Yunie.   They represented hope that he wouldn't forget me and that we would last even being apart.”

She felt Yuna pull away slightly and wipe off her tears with her hand as she heard voices down below.

“You sure she's here, Dr. P?” Gippal's voice was the first she heard as she shivered starting to pick up the potions quickly to hide them before he got up to the beds from the bar area.

“She's probably up stairs,” Paine said knowingly in response and Rikku knew she would have to get her back for this later.  She glanced to Yuna who shrugged not sure what Paine had in mind.

She took a deep breath as she heard Gippal's heavy footsteps coming up the stairs.   She looked back as he got to the top of them.  She knew her eyes were puffy from the tears and silently wondered why he was here.

“Hey, Yuna, can you leave us alone?” Gippal asked Yuna as the sound of his boots against the metal floor were heard.

She glanced to Yuna who was looking unsure after what she just found out from Rikku.  She nodded slowly to the girl, saying, “Go ahead, Yunie.  I'll be out in a little bit.”

She saw Yuna nod before she left her and Gippal alone there.  She looked back to Gippal in wonder asking, “May I help you, Gippal?”

“Well I had something to ask,” Gippal said before looking behind her as the bed filled with potions in wonder, “What's with all the potions, Cid's Girl?”

She huffed as she came over poking his chest saying, “Hey I have a name you know, meanie.”

She then turned away, crossing her arms not looking at him, “I was looking for something, not that you should care.”

“Oh,” Gippal said before she felt his arms sliding around her waist and pulling her against him.  She looked up at him with round eyes, surprised by this action.

“Were these what you were looking for, Cid's girl?” Gippal asked, opening his hand in front of her revealing the two barrettes before going on to explain, “You dropped them while you were healing me up down before Vegnagun.”

Rikku stared at the barrettes knowing her face was a bright red now.  She slowly felt, Gippal's other hand remove her blue bandana and slide the two barrettes into her hair before she finally whispered nervously, “Th-that may have been it.”

She was turned around and forced to look up into Gippal's good eye with her own before he leaned down whispering into her ear, “I missed you too, Cid's Girl.”

“I have a name,” she protested weakly as she felt Gippal kiss her shoulder which sent shivers down her spine.  She felt the kisses go up her neck to her hips whispering against his lips, “Anyway.....I've always been your girl Gips even the past two years.”

She felt his lips form a smile against hers as he kissed her before saying against her, his voice husky and deep, “Your staying with me this time, no more running off to save the world.”

“I don't know, Gips, I can't promise that,” Rikku said playfully before pressing into him more as her eyes met his again.

“Famm drah, E femm zicd ryja du ku fedr oui cehla oui yna so kenm yht ymm,” Gippal said before kissing her again neither hearing as one of the potions rolled off the bed shattering on the floor, both to happy to know the other never forgot and they could finally stay.
Stay (With Me)
Rikku and Gippal were forced apart by the battle against Sin. Now they both think the other forgot their promise and the final gift Gippal gave her before they left each others side. Will they ever just get a chance to stay with one another?

A RikkuXGippal one shot, the first one I've written for the couple.

Translations for the Al Bhed are as follows:

 “Gippal....don't forget about me.”

“I won't, Rikku.”

“See ya later then, Gips.”

“What are you saying?”

“Idiot is going to get himself killed too.”

“You could have gotten yourself killed.”

“I'm sorry, I didn't have time to get a stockpile of potions like some people I know.”

“Well then, I will just have to go with you since you are my girl and all.”

Comments are loved ^^

True Thoughts

“Heh, yeah I guess I kinda figured that,” Pascal said hearing his confession that she knew was going to be coming.  She poked her fingers together her mind racing like always, sure she liked him but she knew this crush he had wouldn't do him good like marrying the president's daughter would.  She had heard Cheria talking about it before and seen the way he had been acting around her the past few days.  She had fallen for Hubert as well and the feelings had grown ever since he saved her at the Valkynes but she knew she was to wild to ever be a good match for him.

She was quick to fall back into her old mold running forward grabbing his hand looking up at him.  She prepared herself as she was about to crush his heart but it was for the best.

“Don't worry, Little bro,” she said softly and seriously looking into his eyes resisting the urge to blurt her true feelings out saying the first thing that came to mind, “I promise to take a bath before the ceremony!”

She pulled away turning from him placing her hands behind her head dancing a bit trying not to fall apart or let him see the truth in her eyes for now as she heard him ask, “What?”

“Hey, I totally understand!  You don't want some smelly friend stinkin' up your fancy wedding,” she said barely keeping up the charade going with the thought that came to her head, “So I'll take a bath and use soap and everything.”

She heard him getting frustrated behind her as she let him think what he really meant went straight over her head.  She couldn't bare to look at him as she let her mind go back to work even if part of it was screaming not to let him go as she pumped herself, “Okay!  Now let's see what you can do, Mecha-asbel.”

She grabbed her hammer starting to work but her wandering mind made her her hit it in the wrong spot as a casing blew up into her face.  She fell to her knees looking at it saying defeated, “Huh, It blew up!  And I'm usually so good at this kind of thing.”

She glanced to where Hubert walked off to before looking down with a sigh saying, “My mind just isn't concentrating much is it.  I'm sorry Hu...but I'm not the type of girl for you even if I wish I could be.”

She grabbed her wench going back to work trying not to let her mind wonder to the man all the while hoping she didn't crush his heart to much.
True Thoughts
This is what was going through Pascal's head right after Hubert confessed to her.  I figure a genius like her probably saw how he was acting well and figured it out long before he said anything.  I can also see her acting like she missed the point so not to hurt him and because she knew she wouldn't good for him as well.


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I have way too much time on my hands so I write and make banners. Most of my stories are pokemon fan-fictions.

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I just want to let you all know that I am going to be moving back to where my hometown is, half way across the USA from where I am now, in 26 days on December 6th.  I'll still be on but don't expect anything new written from me unless I get a huge stroke of an idea that I can't resist writing.  

It's a sudden move but it's a necessary move for me to go back to College and to hopefully get a job.  I will still reply to all of you though.

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