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December 7, 2011
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The Passage of Time

In all his life he knew this girl every time she came into his life once more.  He loved her soul from the first time she helped the lands of the Harvest God and Harvest Goddess.  Normally though the Wizard was force to watch from a distance through his crystal ball as the newest version of her would save the Goddess and live her life.  Marrying another and growing old with the fellow mortal all while he watched the girl he was doomed to love from afar.

Sometimes though their paths would actually cross and he would help her the best he could wanting nothing more then to see her brief smile and to hear her voice upon the wind as it was addressed to him.  Though most of the time these meeting would lead to them just being friends which he accepted knowing she should be with whatever mortal attracted her attention this time around.  

Then on the rare occasion she would actually be in love with him in return.  It was these times that he most welcomed and cherished.  The ones that filled his heart and memories the most.  The only times he would bring down his walls that he had up was for her.  It took effort but she would always be worth it.

The Witch would call him stupid to wait for the girl which he always replied, "I shall always wait for her no matter what you say."

He didn't care what his fellow immortal thought as long as he got to be with her then he would be happy.  That is why when he heard her voice that first time in Castanet Town when the Goddess Tree was failing he wasn't surprise.  He looked at her from his telescope seeing her brown eyes knowing this was her the one he would always love from near or far whenever she was sent back to this world.

Her name may be Hikari this time around but to the Wizard she would always be the only one to know his name and have his heart no matter how many names she wore.
This is a fan fiction for a different game series that I love almost as much as Pokemon. This is about the Wizard from Harvest Moon Animal Parade and how he feels about the main character along with his Immortality.

I wanted to try something new and it is just a small little drabble but I might write more with this idea.

Favorite and Comment!

Edit: I am writing a sequel to this, link is here: [link]
Check it out if you want, it's called A Wizard's Love
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EveFarrel Apr 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Ty ^^ This has a sequel I've started for it based around the game called A Wizard's Love if you want to read it.
EveFarrel Apr 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Here is the first chapter:
this is so sad :'( and so wonderful <3
EveFarrel Feb 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Well thank you, I've wrote a 1st Chapter for a sequel to this if you would want to read it.
I just read it :) and I LOVE IT! I cant wait to read more ^_^
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